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A Welsh Community /Welsh Artists (3 per day)

Photography / art from Welsh artists.

You are invited to a group meet ........

Richie Dean Richie Dean 13 posts

Hi everyone :))

Are you interested in meeting up ? ….. July 7th
I have organised an Arts and Crafts fair and there are 10 places spare.
There is no entry fee but there is a commission charge of 15%.

The venue is also a B+B with 5 rooms that are available on the date of the fair.
There are also 2 campsites in close proximity, one all singing and dancing and the other is basic.
If you dont want to exhibit, the venue is surrounded by beautiful countryside full of photographic opportunities
and I will be leading a hike the day after the fair.

You can Bubblemail me for more info
Regards Richie

Angela  Burman Angela Burman 246 posts

Hi Richie

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I will be away, but thank you for thinking of me. All the very best with it.

Warm wishes

Caroline Maddison Caroline Maddison 4 posts

Hi Richie……sorry I will also be away at that time.
All the best though,hope its a huge success.

Helen Lush Helen Lush 9 posts

Hi Richie,

I’m afraid I have something on that weekend – hope it all goes well though,

Best Wishes,