Visual Texture (LIMIT of 1 image per 24 hrs)

This group is for images where "TEXTURE " is a MAJOR part of the VISUAL FEEL of the artwork

March Avatar Challenge

Elaine Teague Elaine Teague 1670 posts

Hi Folks
We have 3 winners in our March Avatar challenge. Under the circumstances I have decided to go with RB’s system of choice of winner who is Enchanted Images with her image Wishful Thinking. The other 2 winners were John Poon and Lyn Starner. Bobbi’s image will become the Group’s avatar for the April Avatar challenge and she will choose a theme for that challenge. Congratulations to all the top tenners. Look forward to seeing your entries in the next challenge.
Cheers Elaine

patcheah patcheah 925 posts

Congratulations to all artists! Stunning work!

Vickie Emms Vickie Emms 5111 posts

Congratulations everyone.
Thank you for placing me in the top 10 with your votes folks!

JWMcFphotoart JWMcFphotoart 21 posts

Indeed. I enjoyed everyone’s contribution. The adjudicators didn’t have an easy task in making a final decision. Congratulations to our winner. Well deserved.

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 9662 posts

Congratulations to all!

Lynn Starner Lynn Starner 183 posts

Congrats to all! Beautiful works! I’m honored to be among the top three.

John Poon John Poon 713 posts

Congrats everyone! Cheers :)

NewfieKeith NewfieKeith 2036 posts

Congrats on your wins..congrats everyone!!