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Visual Texture (2 images a day)

This group is for images where "TEXTURE " is a MAJOR part of the VISUAL FEEL of the artwork

Recent Work

  • Metamorphosis by Tilewaves
  • Snapshot  by Faith Magdalene Austin
  • A Single Footprint...  by Qnita
  • Delicate by chihuahuashower
  • TRAINING DAY by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • FOREST LOVE by Tammera
  • metal eyes rust by blacqbook
  • Fern: Felt Rainbow by Funkymask
  • Fern: twig bare by Funkymask
  • Hollyhocks by Nadya Johnson
  • Tree Dahlia (Dahlia imperialis) by Elaine Teague
  • Balinese Spirit Dance by Ian Mooney

About This Group

To the Visual Texture Group" a group to share images where Texture is the Major part of the visual feel of the artwork.
Either natural or added, or with striking elements that produce a visual sense of texture – images that make you want to reach out and touch them!
Photographic images of landscapes, animals and flowers, where texture has not been added, must have exceptional texture occupying at least 75% of the frame to be accepted into this Group.

We are looking for your best works to display here, please do not submit pictures with no visible texture, or photographs that are out of focus.

All types of media and/or techniques welcome.
Please ensure your work displays the default image in your page. Images do not display well in other formats and it means the host has to click through twice to see the entire image. You can display other formats in a comment or your description area

TWO image per 24/hrs to avoid flooding the front page. We will reject ALL your images if this rule is not followed.

Images must be submitted to the group before they can be submitted to a challenge.

No nudes, no pornography, no gruesome horror. If the Safe Filter is needed, we cannot accept it here.

The hosts reserve their right to refuse a submitted work. Please don’t get upset if your work is not accepted. It is not personal and only means it does not fit in this one group.

See the group rules and join this group here