Vintage Hollywood (2 artworks per day)

A group for artwork of the old classic actresses and actors from the golden years of Hollywood.

Recent Work

  • La Dee Da by John Dicandia ( JinnDoW )
  • marilyn monroe t-shirt by ralphyboy
  • The Last Sitting by Karen Townsend
  • The King by Sheryl Unwin
  • outlaw josie wales t-shirt by ralphyboy
  • audrey hepburn t-shirt by ralphyboy
  • Carole Lombard by Karen Townsend
  • My Fair Lady by idgoodall
  • Grace Kelly by Karen Townsend
  • 'Tell me that again Ollie' by L K Southward
  • marilyn t-shirt by ralphyboy
  • Mr Laurel & Mr Hardy by L K Southward

About This Group

A group to submit artwork of actors or actresses from the golden years of Hollywood, up to the 1960’s. Traditional artwork or digital work is accepted. No one does sophistication or romance quite like the old Hollywood!

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Membership of the group is by invite only.

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