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Digital Night Photography Help and Tips
Stolen from:

Take incredible digital photos at dusk and at nighttime.
Night photography tips to capture the big cities at their most illuminati

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Types of Digital SLR Lenses – stolen off the web and re-edited with additional comments by me for this group..

Standard or Normal Lenses – this is a term that seems to be disappearing a little from terminology. Traditionally on film cameras it was used

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Berwick Viewfinders Camera Club

A great opportunity for pro’s and novices to share and learn more about photography.

  • Where, when and how to store images on your computer
  • Learn more about your camera
  • Which lens is best to use an
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Date: Thursday December 25th 2008
Time: 12 noon onwards
Meet at Zumsteins for a BBQ and we’ll talk over where to photograph this evening together…

Suggestions so far:
MacKenzies falls (lot of water going over at

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Tree Climbing Techniques For Photographers By Carlos Sastoque

Being born and living in a country where most of its surface is covered with forests of all kinds, e.g. cloud forests, rain forests, Andean wet forests I have been practicing and developing

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Going Pro – 5 Wedding Photography Tips by Mark Kostelnik

1. Business Plan
2. Advertising and Marketing
3. Branding
4. Networking
5. Sales

1. In order to achieve and perpetuate a profitable photography business or any other business, it is very e

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