Victorian Viewfinders

A Group for those who regularly take great images and wish to learn more about how to improve their photography

Recent Work

  • Schloss Arenfels by Tom Gomez
  • Alien Beauty by CarolM
  • Martinsbrunnen by Tom Gomez
  • Wounded by strawberries
  • Steampunk - Allis does all the work by Mike  Savad
  • New rose Leith Park Victoria  20160601 7053  by Fred Mitchell
  • Solid bunch of stamens Leith Park Victoria 20160601 7052 by Fred Mitchell
  • Cactus Flower Leith Park Victoria 20160601 7051  by Fred Mitchell
  • Smoky SoCal Sunset by Chet  King
  • Small purple flowers Leith Park Victoria 20160601 7050 by Fred Mitchell
  • Stripe petal orchid Leith Park Victoria 20160601 7048  by Fred Mitchell
  • Little purple tubes  Leith Park Victoria 20160530 7041  by Fred Mitchell

About This Group

An active group of keen photographers who meet and mingle online and also create great images.

A group for those who regularly take great images for fun and pleasure and would like to learn more about how to improve their photography through a warm and friendly group experience online.

Both Black and White or Colour images are welcome and personal experiences and camera settings in the image description is encouraged.

Mistakes and errors are invited for submission to the group, along with a request for positive and constructive comments or a critique on how to improve the final result.
This will be provided only when requested by the photographer.

Check out the forums and journals for additional information about photography tips and tricks, activities, events, gatherings and other useful information.

See the group rules and join this group here