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Vavoom Features ~ All Genres ~ Feb10, 2013

tori yule tori yule 8211 posts

After deciding to take a break from RB, Lina’s absence is felt, and she is dearly missed. Lina’s art and writing has touched so many here.
Her love of art, her dedication to RB, and to her groups, and her wonderful comments and replies are all part of the wonderful person that
she is. Her loving nature shines through in all she says and does. Please honor Lina on as Vibe of the Week comments of your appreciation, love, and friendship.

tori yule tori yule 8211 posts

Congratulations to our featured artists.
Your work is creative, and so beautiful.

Please stop by to leave a comment for Lina, if you haven’t already. I talked to her yesterday, and she was overwhelmed with joy over
the loving messages already written for her. I’m so glad we can honor her here at Vavoom, which has always been a very special group
to her, for her years of dedication, encouragement, her love of art and writing, and her own artistic work. So many of us have had a
special connection to her, and she deserves our attention. Thank you to everyone that has written something for her. Your love and
appreciation shines through in your messages. Thank you for helping me celebrate Lina!

JRGarland JRGarland 2961 posts

Super congrats everyone!!!

Terri Maddock Terri Maddock 3190 posts

Great features – congratulations everyone!

erichbiemer erichbiemer 314 posts

another wonderful collection of features…thank you tori…and congratulations to all those featured…

Donna19 Donna19 993 posts

Lovely features. Congratulations

Pamela Phelps Pamela Phelps 1508 posts

Beautiful and sensitive artworks! Congratulations to all featured artists and thank you Tori for including mine here today!

Kanchan Mahon Kanchan Mahon 443 posts

Gorgeous, delicate hand picked favorites!

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 5021 posts

Congrats everyone, beautiful images!

Alga Washington Alga Washington 351 posts

Congrats everyone, wonderful work!

tori yule tori yule 8211 posts

Thank you for your support, we love to hear from you.

ejameson ejameson 173 posts

So nice to see all this interestong work keep it up

tori yule tori yule 8211 posts

Thank you, ejameson. So glad to see you here.