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OUR VIBE OF THE WEEK ~ June 10, 2012

tori yule tori yule 8210 posts

Come to our Front Page and See our new Vibe of the Week
Let her know you see and enjoy!!
Congratulations Lisa!!

Donna19 Donna19 953 posts

Congratulations Lisa

Marie Moriscot Marie Moriscot 89 posts

congratulations Lisa!

autumnwind autumnwind 5765 posts


Evita Evita 14870 posts

Wow… Beautiful…Congratulations Lisa !!!!!! ☺♥

LisaMM LisaMM 1486 posts

WOW……Thank you all so very much. A wonderful surprise and honour. I’m so delighted. Thank you :-) xoxoxoxox

Sergei Rukavishnikov Sergei Rukavis... 180 posts

It is truly good art, Lisa. My congratulations

linaji linaji 6630 posts

Lisa, you are one hella artist. I ALWAYS look forward in seeing what you are creating and having you here is a real treat. Your constant exploration of hair alone as art is original and BEAUTIFUL. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Donna19 Donna19 953 posts

Lisa you rock!

annacuypers annacuypers 225 posts

Congrats Lisa, well deserved, beautiful series of art, xxo

Tony Wilder Tony Wilder 57 posts

Lisa, you are more than phenomenal. I agree with all that is written here. You know for talent like yours there are no words. You are a divine spirit and I’m so happy to know you through RB. You are a gift to everyone.

Tuliptree Tuliptree 238 posts

Congratulations, Lisa! The imagination behind your work is getting the recognition it deserves.
Charlotte xx

Diane Johnson-Mosley Diane Johnson-... 886 posts

Congratulations Lisa, your work is exceptional and always a joy to view. Love it!

Aleksandra Kabakova Aleksandra Kab... 10 posts

Lisa, congrats!! Wonderful work!

Tricia Winwood Tricia Winwood 87 posts

Congrats to you Lisa x

sure2010 sure2010 112 posts

Lisa you are loving..your work is more loving…hence you become obvious choice for Vavoom’s vibe …Most deserving Lisa…so happy to see you with this distinction…Congratulations from core of my heart…Get more & ore distinctions of smile & shine

uncleblack uncleblack 19 posts

yet another beautiful work lisa..a well deserved feature

JRGarland JRGarland 1923 posts

This Bud’s for you. LOL Super congrats my dear!!

Leon A.  Walker Leon A. Walker 13 posts


eoconnor eoconnor 2600 posts

Wonderful lisa. Welldeserved. LiZ

Betty Smith_Voce Betty Smith_Voce 94 posts

Congratulations Lisa on the achievement! The art is absolutely beautiful and even more magnificent to see it in the size it appears in Vavoom!

hampshirelady hampshirelady 400 posts

Well deserved Lisa – your work is fabulous

LisaMM LisaMM 1486 posts


Thank you all for your very kind, generous and touching comments. I am overwhelmed, humbled and so greatly appreciative of your support.

Bunny Clarke Bunny Clarke 2426 posts

Congratulations Lisa. Your feature is well deserved. :o)

Thea T Thea T 313 posts

Great choice….Big congratulations Lisa!!! :D