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Varanids - Monitors of the world.

Monitors are found all over the globe, lets show them off in one place here on RB!

  • Scales For Breakfast by naturalnomad
  • Perentie Monitor by Steve Bullock
  • Caesar the Ridge tailed monitor by Jordan Mulder
  • Black-spotted Ridge-tailed Monitor by Catherine Whitehead
  • Perentie (Varanus giganteus), Krichauff Ranges, Central Australia by sahoaction
  • Rosenberg's Goanna by EnviroKey
  • You want some? by Craig Shillington
  • Papuan Sand Monitor by Frank Yuwono
  • Green with Envy by Dennis Stewart
  • Lace Monitor Varanus varius by Bandicoot
  • Monitor Monitoring by Anna D'Accione
  • Lace Monitor  Varanus varius by Bandicoot
  • Hatchling Lace Monitor by Steve Bullock