Vanitas Still Life

Meaningful art inspired by the self

Recent Work

  • Parts of Chair - January by Yannik Hay
  • Parts of Chair - July by Yannik Hay
  • Parts of Chair - October by Yannik Hay
  • Simply Autumn by Bill Spengler
  • still shinny by kevin  caldwell
  • Wanted by kevin  caldwell
  • MY FavoriteToy by WildestArt
  • Around the corner  by kevin  caldwell
  • dreams by kevin  caldwell
  • Compared with flowers by kevin  caldwell
  • Winepress by Patrick Reinquin

About This Group

This is for the inspired artist(photographer etc) who like to express themself through still life. This group is for people who like to work with symbolism and use representative feature to tell a story or create a mood using objects or lighting to inspire feeling in its audience. The use of traditional vanitas features as well as more modern and new interpretations are welcome, and writing that is visually descriptive with symbolic meaning is also welcome.

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