Up & Coming Writers

This is a Group devoted to writers only who wish to one day be published


  • George Coombs

    Welcome by George Coombs

    “My friend, reach for the hand reaching for you.In all light and shadow it is only a touch away

    longing to show you peace with yourself and all
    the holy created order. Release is near, work for
    the re…

    1065 words
  • indigo-song

    The Night Rendezvous by indigo-song

    i ran through the night
    like my fingers through your hair
    tangled knots
    frayed ends

    i saw the rain in the street lights
    like our kisses upon our lips
    salt soaked
    desperate with desire

    the wind cheated my f

    84 words
  • Vanessa  Warren

    When Eyes Meet by Vanessa Warren

    Don’t speak
    I won’t tell
    forever found
    shall hasten the loss
    memory bound
    borne by we two
    when eyes meet

    64 words
  • Stephen  J. Vattimo

    Voodoo Economics by Stephen J. Va...

    Hay, did anyone out there hear about Hillary Clinton’s Plan to improve the economy?

    35 words
  • George Coombs

    Outside by George Coombs

    branches beckon
    in passig breeze…
    a bright day
    convenience stores
    wait like webs
    to ensnare money
    from unwary public…
    indian food shop…
    down the streets
    empty room
    while street sleepin…

    53 words
  • RC deWinter

    sunstroke by RC deWinter

    the million insect choir nattered
    and twanged and buzzed a chorus
    of mad falsetto trills betraying
    the peace of the coming night

    151 words
  • George Coombs

    Visit by George Coombs

    again you visit
    neighbourhood cat
    known, well liked
    searching not just
    for food…here with
    me in quiet…
    no noise invades the
    true love of silence…
    friends of quiet
    we are together
    in soundless…

    45 words
  • JRGarland

    The Sanctuary by JRGarland

    Alone I sit, staring off unto oblivion
    As the world’s drama hovers all around
    Battling monsters hell bent on my demise
    While lost in the sanctuary I hold dear

    The enemy is at my door step
    So eager …

    234 words
  • George Coombs

    Here by George Coombs

    quiet here…
    branches beckon
    in gentle breeze
    good being by
    the still lake
    welcoming the
    feel of cool air…
    sense of safety
    no fear of being touched…
    a guest in creation
    thought ripples

    58 words
  • indigo-song

    Sea Shanty by indigo-song

    Oh com’on sweet lady
    sweet lady of Spain
    white petti-coat dancer
    my art sets aflame
    this rov’in art aches so
    like there is no shame
    So com’on sweet lady
    sweet lady of Spain

    Oh com’on sweet lady
    sweet lady of

    173 words
  • George Coombs

    Death In Autumn by George Coombs

    (For Elkie 6/11/08)
    frail as a fallen leaf
    they took him…
    body veined with violence
    pinioned crucifixion
    like in room
    used for killing.
    cold touches
    like a sinister hand.
    along shadowed corridor…

    59 words
  • Saul Goode (Michael B. Less)

    Still Falling by Saul Goode (Mi...

    For God so loved the world that he split it in two, so that it fell slowly but surely into his lap

    22 words
  • RC deWinter

    summer at martha's by RC deWinter

    the haze bleaches everything
    to a neutral rendering of summer’s beauty
    the only color concentrated in the sunflowers

    124 words
  • JRGarland

    Dawn Has Arrived by JRGarland

    Windows breathe in the cooling air
    Blowing softly across pillows at rest
    A songbird sings its sweet melodies
    To welcome the new day now shining
    Capture the moment to awakened dreams
    As sleepy eyes drift b…

    56 words
  • George Coombs

    Sunflowers by George Coombs

    (for Mum)
    field of sunflowers
    hosting you
    memory of your
    open always to
    new light…divine
    new form you
    come close…
    in this moment
    outside time
    where we meet
    again in
    pure nature…

    36 words
  • RC deWinter

    transcontinental by RC deWinter

    i am here for the first time in many years
    having never thought to return
    to this place freighted with cargo

    252 words
  • kromwellfarkus

    Writing for noone by kromwellfarkus

    They dont want to hear
    They dont want to know
    They dont want to interpret
    They dont want to inhale.

    I write as a passion
    My vent and release
    But they are too busy
    With their other priorities.

    I need them …

    218 words
  • George Coombs

    The Bell by George Coombs

    The BellThe bell loud among mist shrouded mountains.They followed its summons. Monks, silent rows ofshadows moved to the temple room. The grey stonebuilding was tall and austere. Internally, man…
    986 words