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  • su2anne

    The irony by su2anne

    Either way she will drown in sorrow’s well
    Their unconscionable snags reaching up to drag her under
    Choking any chance the truth be told that would otherwise set them free

    82 words
  • su2anne

    Not a care in the world by su2anne

    A dilapidated abode
    Where bleak windows no longer reflect the events of this stage
    Its occupants;
    Here and yet not have become part of this tragedy…

    50 words
  • Charldia

    The Cauldron of Emotions by Charldia

    A cauldron of emotions bubbling and brewing inside
    Some make us proud, some we want to hide.
    Some emotions run parallel, never to intersect
    Some separated by a very thin line, others by chasms wide.

    261 words
  • su2anne

    Get a life… by su2anne

    Humour and humus
    Impossible to confuse…
    Unless there’s a sensory mix up.
    Olfactory detection can let you down
    But it’s the lingering taste that tells

    30 words
  • Charldia

    A World of Betrayal by Charldia

    Betrayal is a venomous serpent
    Coiled around a breaking heart
    Poised waiting to strike for the main attack
    To destroy a soul with that final lethal bite…

    You gave your heart, you gave your all
    To the lov

    606 words
  • su2anne

    Is it too late… by su2anne

    The place to be is up to me
    So says the Soothsayer anyway…
    It’s all very well
    But the tide is out
    And the swell that I could have ridden
    Has gone.

    64 words
  • su2anne

    The possibilities are endless by su2anne

    What is it?
    Where are you?
    I can’t see
    I can’t breathe
    I can’t feel
    Yet you know…

    65 words
  • Charldia

    The Siren's Song by Charldia

    The siren continued her deceptive tune
    Skillfully, purposely spinning her silky soft web
    Like mindless fools driven by lustful desires
    Uncaring if caught, willingly stayed tangled in her bed.

    213 words
  • Charldia

    Let Me Be by Charldia

    So don’t try to pull me out now,
    This well I’m in seems safe somehow.
    This murky clay keeps me grounded.
    This darkness a warm blanket surrounds me.

    505 words
  • Emily Perry

    Real Life Demon by Emily Perry

    Nothing can take away the pain,
    Your image is burnt into my brain,
    Hours spent alone to heal,
    Many thoughts; only numbness to feel.…

    I close my eyes, I begin to pray,
    These thoughts I try to push away,

    146 words
  • Charldia

    Weeping Willow by Charldia

    Why do you weep, beautiful Willow?
    Why do your branches bend low?
    Is it true you cry, when someone dies
    That is a poor, lost, tortured soul?…

    Why do you weep, lovely Willow?
    Why do your branches hang down

    206 words
  • Charldia

    Fogged Mirrors by Charldia

    As we grow old, get a little slow, things change
    And it seems like our body gets rearranged
    Sags and bags are not meant to see
    So I try to avoid mirrors constantly.
    So before I shower, I turn the hot wat…

    138 words
  • su2anne

    The merriment of memory by su2anne

    No amount of
    Forgetting about
    Covering up
    Putting off
    Will do the trick
    I KNOW ‘cause
    I carry around a whole sack
    A curved spine is not a cure all!
    (Or pain-free)
    Just weak!

    184 words
  • su2anne

    Tethered to the underside by su2anne

    My reality is to be
    Constrained to a world
    That I don’t understand
    Where I cannot move
    To even let go…
    I sit slightly submerged
    In a watery grave
    That reflects my distorted self…

    49 words
  • Charldia

    As Told By the White Rose by Charldia

    I first bloomed in that garden so fair,
    With a sweet smelling fragrance and beauty rare.
    The perfect paradise created by God’s own hand
    Where animals and plants lived in perfect harmony with man.
    Eden’s …

    438 words
  • Charldia

    Because You're Gone by Charldia

    In the daytime I almost make it.
    Keeping busy, put on a smile, just fake it.
    But in the nighttime things slow.
    Memories of you start to flow and grow.
    My night’s like a painful song
    Reminding me you are…

    324 words
  • loiteke

    I have gone (for my sister Anne) by loiteke

    poem, death, Anne, sister, too early

    99 words



    692 words