Images with no editing or post production.

Recent Work

  • Nectarine-to-be by indiafrank
  • Along the Orean ocean Road by indiafrank
  • Lone Tree - Lews Castle Grounds by SunriseRose
  • Coriole Winery by indiafrank
  • Chance Vought Corsair MKIV by mike  jordan.
  • North American B-25J Mitchell    ( Dutch East Indies ) by mike  jordan.
  • Murray River billabong, Blanchetown by indiafrank
  • Carousel - Perth Zoo, Western Australia.  by Margaret Stanton
  • Gulf St Vincent sunset by indiafrank
  • Lotus remains by indiafrank
  • Maasai lads by indiafrank
  • Pinwheel Candy by ellismorleyphto

About This Group

Images posted to this group should be “right out of the camera”, no post production in photo editors such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, etc. No cropping, burning or dodging. No contrast adjustment. No sharpening.
One EXCEPTION allowed: conversion from color to black and white and the artist MUST state that the image was converted.
Let’s get it right in the camera.
Show us what you saw “through the lens”.

No more than two uploads per day.

You should include:
1. shutter speed
2. F-stop
3. ISO
4. lens used

Any other technical data and equipment used is even better. If you dont know how to find the stats on your photo, we do have in our group forum the instructions, just go here

Congrats to JGetsinger for winning our first challenge Your Favorite Place

Check out the rest of his work, some beautiful places that you can get lost in

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