Unrealistic...Only one per day...No nudity

Let us see what lives in your imagination...how you view the world...submit your best paintings...

Recent Work

  • Oko"s Orchard by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • WINTER WONDERLAND 2 by Tammera
  • Free Spirit - Horse by Linda Callaghan
  • The Big Tea Party with a Cabinet Full of Ass-Wipes by helene ruiz
  • Elegance by JBlaminsky
  • LADY LUNA by Tammera
  • Planet of the Lost Sheep by debidabble
  • Maelstrom by Eric Nagel
  • Max Goes To The Movies by David Rozansky
  • Field O' Blue by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • RELIGIOUSLY CONFUSED by helene ruiz
  • Sidewalk by Ben Loveday

About This Group

“Unrealistic” in this situation means different from the usual way we perceive the subject matter…the subject can be (but not necessarily) embellished, extravagant, fabricated, fantastic, melodramatic, unreal, preposterous, sensational, spectacular, stylized, eccentric, stylized, improbable, anything that smacks of imagination given full reign, but there must be aspects of reality as well…

Unrealistic is not pure abstract..We want realism portrayed in an unrealistic way..

If you want to see examples of unrealistic work, have a look at my Gallery…a green sky, gold face, etc. are deemed to be unrealistic..things don’t have to be unreal to be unrealistic…they can be simply different or have an artist’s impression or imagined idea of the subject..

That being said, the rules bar violence, torture and anything deemed offensive including cartoon figures depicting such images…such images will be removed without notice and no discussion of any kind will be entered into on the matter

You can paint or create digital works, anything as long as it is not entirely based in reality, but realism must be at the core….straight photography is not acceptable…..

Dark images should be kept to a minimum…we encourage surrealism but nothing that involves violence or hatred will be accepted….e.g. nothing based on religion, images of hell, injury, death, blood, punishment, abuse of the body, masochism, sadism, torture etc

Respect for women in the current climate means no nudity of any kind …such images will be removed without notice…

We would love to see more traditionally painted works so if we receive a surfeit of digital works, they will not be accepted…we want a variety of works, in all media…repetitions of the same theme will not be accepted

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Membership of the group is by invite only.