Unrealistic..temporarily closed...

Who/what lives in your imagination? Show it in your work! Show it in your works, what we can't see/show in photos.

Recent Work

  • Invasion by ☼Laughing Bones☾
  • Piece of Space by Eric Nagel
  • Fish Sub by Peter Maudsley
  • Fire and Steel - A Fantasy by Benedikt Amrhein
  • I Don't Remember Those 3 Hours by ☼Laughing Bones☾
  • 2306-Likely Point of Contact by George W Banks
  • Noble Metal Worlds by Benedikt Amrhein
  • Afternoon Delight by Benedikt Amrhein
  • Ecce Mundus by Benedikt Amrhein
  • Relentless future  by Lawrence Alfred Powell
  • Mythology by AndyGii
  •  The Skin Grazer by ellamental

About This Group

“Unrealistic” in this situation means overstated, embellished, extravagant, fabricated, fantastic, melodramatic, unreal, preposterous, sensational, spectacular, stylized, eccentric, stylized, improbable, anything that smacks of imagination given full reign…
That being said, the rules bar nudity of any kind, violence, war, torture and anything deemed offensive including cartoon figures depicting such images…such images will be removed without notice and no discussion of any kind will be entered into on the subject

You can paint, draw, sketch, work in Photoshop etc. anything as long as it is not entirely based in reality…e.g. Straight photography is not acceptable…..no nudity, nothing that involves violence or hatred will be accepted..

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