The Healing Journey

Introduction to the HEALING JOURNEY: The intent of this group is to provide a forum for members to dialogue, through their art, their emotional and psychological journeys to inner feelings, conflicts, and motivations.

  • Lady Lace - JUSTART ©  by JUSTART
  • The thin line between by Lior Goldenberg
  • TEACHING A DREAM by RamsayGee
  • No Title 103 by Headcrime
  • Pawprints by Catherine  Howell
  • Solar impact by CanDuCreations
  • ENTHEOGENIC MK & LW by laureen warrington
  • In Your face Dear... by Henrik Malmborg
  • Black Magic Woman by Rhonda Strickland
  • Regard  by Sophie-Berger
  • The Atom Smasher by Chris  Willis
  • Perhaps The Dreams Are Of Soulmates by Cameron Gray
  • I choose you today  by Isa Rodriguez
  • Ascension by Gretchen Smith by Gretchen Smith
  • second skin by Sankofa
  • Underground by CanDuCreations
  • A Pictoral History by chazf
  • Utopia (War is Over Now) by Rhonda Strickland