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Maxwell Campbell Maxwell Campbell 373 posts

Hello again everyone,

This weeks features are all about people ………………… some incredible works of art. So many talented photographers in this group with so many beautiful images to chose from. I hope you like the ones i have come up with …. i am sure you will ….. and please congratulate the featured artists here in this forum. Also take a look through their portfolios, thanks to Red Bubbles fantastic new lay out as of today that is now easier than ever.

So as with every week i chose my “PICK OF THE WEEK” …………. and this week i have chosen

Night by Lamiel

Now if you really want to see quality photography, then you have to look through the portfolios of all the artists featured her.

Congratulations to all the artists

Little One
by Marcelle Raphael

by Marcelle Raphael

by EveW

Magnetic look
by Andrea Rapisarda

Once again …. congratulations to all. Truly impressive work :-)

Best regards,

patcheah patcheah 871 posts

Congratulations to all artists!
Thank you so much for including mine.

Carla Jensen Carla Jensen 977 posts

Huge Congratulations to all artists! Such a Phenomenal group of images featured here! Wtg Everyone….WoooooHooooooo !!!
And Thanks so very much Maxwell for including one of mine to be Featured among such talented Artist!! Yipppppeeee!!

Chris Brunton Chris Brunton 1612 posts

Great features Maxwell. Congratulations to all those featured.

Gabrielle  Hope Gabrielle Hope 74 posts

Wonderful features Maxwell, I am very proud to be one of the featured artists, thank you. Congratulations to all featured artists, such beautiful work.

PhotoDuality PhotoDuality 3 posts

Congrats to all artists… Thank You for selecting Me, I am proud to be one of the featured artists.

Mark Smart Mark Smart 307 posts

Many congratulations to all the artists and their featured work and a big “thank you” to Maxwell for choosing one of mine :-)

EveW EveW 60 posts

A great collection of wonderful images, congratulations to those featured and thank you Maxwell for featuring one of my images also.

down23 down23 81 posts

Congratulations to all the artists featured in this collection of amazing images. I feel truly honored & proud to be amongst them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. =)