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  • Unusual Shapes Sculptures on University of Nebraska Campus by Jane Neill-Hancock
  • The Room by reindeer
  • Stairway Shadows by Monnie Ryan
  • Touchdown Celebration by 313 Photography
  •  Elephant of the Bastille by Karen Martin
  • Chamber Music To Go....Outdoor Concert by Jane Neill-Hancock
  • Windows to Knowledge - Stephen & Lucy Chang Science Library by Jane Neill-Hancock
  • Triangle Formation by RVogler
  • Gothic Security by reindeer
  • Arches to Stanford's Main Quad by Martha Sherman
  • Harvard University Campus Mall by clizzio
  • ccny by Jerry Deutsch
  • University College of St. David, Lampeter by David Davies
  • Autumn Ivy ~ Princeton by reindeer
  • Stanford University Main Quad from Hoover Tower by Martha Sherman
  • Fuertes Observatory, Cornell University by Mark  Reep
  • Vibrant Colours, University Campus, Ipswich by wiggyofipswich
  • The Bond Archway by flexigav