Unconventional Artistry - 3 per day

For the Undefinable, Inbetweeners that refuse to be labeled or Stereotyped into one group or one lump sum of type of art

Recent Work

  • Night Sky by ellamental
  • Tulips ~ Dancing in the Sunlight by SummerJade
  • Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion by Alex Preiss
  • Sunrise Over Glacier National Park.  by Alex Preiss
  • Mikasa by ururuty
  • My Doodle Zen: Labordoddle by Alma Lee by Alma Lee
  • Chooky Chuckles by Sally Ford
  • A card for Liberians (417 Views) by aldona
  • Summer Meat by Ted Byrne
  • Riding the Kuwahara BMX. Like A Boss! by badbugs
  • Crazy Engine Core by GolemAura
  • PARADISE ISLAND by Margaret Stevens

About This Group

We are a group of artist that vary in format. Those who dont narrow the field to an exact type or design. If you have the desire to stretch your imagination and let yourself go in all directions to see what you can acheive as an artist, then this is a perfect group for you.

The love of a muse,
The pen of an artist,
This work in ink will teach many yet unborn.
It is original
It comes from a realm unknown;
It will inspire you.
Art is real so to abstract your mind,
The innovative nature of one mind to you all;
The act of dreams beyond imagination!
Art will teach and inspire all of you that love the muse.

Work submits are limited to 3 per day, with NO limit overall
All work is subject to approval to make sure you follow the guidelines for redbubble and the rules of this group.

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