Uncommon Supports to paint on

Do you paint on uncommon supports, such as book pages, newspapers, music records, computer disks, found objects or about anything you might get in your hands? Then this is the right place for you!

Featured Artwork: June 2012 - Faces

Thea T Thea T 315 posts

Here are the fabulous features for June…the themes are a combination of faces/portraits & animals/mythical creatures….on a variey of uncommon supports. And thanks everyone for your wonderful contributions of artwork to the group….please keep them coming!!!

Please click HERE to link to these works.

mYmEMine mYmEMine 191 posts

Great work everyone! Thea, thanks for including me!

Ina Mar Ina Mar 176 posts

Thank you for the features, Thea! I love this selection of eyes!!! Human eyes, animal eyes! All so different and so intensely looking!
It’s a pity that Robin King added this only today, because it would have also fit in perfectly…

My puppets have no eyes though, they don’t fit in… But I’m accustomed not to fit in, so it just feels like home :)

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 4997 posts

Congrats everyone, cool work! Thanks so much for including one of mine!

Thea T Thea T 315 posts

Yes Ina, I see what you mean about the eyes!! And agree about Robin’s work…it would have fit perfectly. Actually, you have just given me an idea for a challenge….. :)

Also, Philip & Cindy, you are most welcome!… (& thankyou for contributing your wonderful artworks to the group)