Uncommon Materials to draw or paint with

Do you paint with acrylics and salt? Watercolours and red wine? Tea and pencils? Inks and lemon? Then this is the right place for you!


  • Nascence, acrylic with mixed media on birch panel by Regina Valluzzi
  • Ancient Temples in Jungle , by BasantSoni
  • Ancient Temples  by BasantSoni
  • Lonely Tree,Tree with Dried leaves, Organic Art, Natural Painting from Dried flowers/leaves etc, Jaivik Artr  by BasantSoni
  • Beneath the reef path by crystalline
  • The Man Who Walked on Water by John Douglas
  • Midnight Garden cycle19 4 by John Douglas
  • Mini-Butterfly 1 (Mixed media) by Niki Hilsabeck
  • That Which Endures by Regina Valluzzi
  • Alive by Regina Valluzzi
  • Windbreak by Regina Valluzzi
  • Blaue Blume (acrylic) by Niki Hilsabeck
  • Sonnenblume (acrylic) by Niki Hilsabeck
  • 'Dripping midnight thunderstorms' by crystalline
  • Piano by Enoeda
  • Mini-Butterfly 2 (Mixed media) by Niki Hilsabeck
  • Mat 4 by John Douglas
  • Pox by John Douglas