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Do you paint with acrylics and salt? Watercolours and red wine? Tea and pencils? Inks and lemon? Then this is the right place for you!

Drawing or painting with... red wine

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What are your experiences with red wine?

Ian Osborne, British watercolour artist living and working in France, had the kindness to share his experiment with our group.
While undertaking a series of paintings to exhibit at a wine festival in the town of St Sornin in the Charente region of France, he painted two versions of the same townscape: a watercolour version and a red wine version (same paper: 325 gsm Moulin du Coq fine grain watercolour paper).

In the description of his wine version, he noted about one year ago, “I don’t know what will happen to the colouring with time…”
For the purposes of our group, Ian uploaded today, one year later, the wine version in its current condition. The colour of the painting has faded and turned into light sepia! Ian noted that “there has been some exposure to direct sunlight during the summer months”: This sun exposure could have caused the brutal colour change.

Ian Osborne, “Les Michelots”, watercolour version

Ian Osborne, “Les Michelots”, red wine version (painted with the localy-produced wine)

Ian Osborne, “Les Michelots”, the same red wine version one year after the creation

What are your experiences with red wine?

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i think the faded sepia artwork is gorgeous. Interesting experiment. Thanks for sharing.