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Recent Work

  • The Lighter Side by Bob Larson
  • Solid State by Bob Larson
  • There is just light by su2anne
  • Heavy Float by Bob Larson
  • Recliner by Bob Larson
  • First Light by DawsonImages
  • First Light by DawsonImages
  • Morgan Dairy by J. Day
  • Brisbane City Lights by Peter Doré
  • Morgan Dairy Sunrise by J. Day
  • Brisbane River Panorama by Peter Doré
  • Reflections by J. Day

About This Group

As of 26th July 2011 we are taking steps to ensure that only the best reflections are displayed in the group. We intend it to be a group that people aspire to belong to, not a dumping ground for snaps. If this sounds elitist then you are starting to understand what we are after.

Please submit your five best reflection images only.

They have to be exceptional reflection images. – like mirror images, and the reflection should be the main emphasis. In keeping with the group title, only images showing photographic excellence will be accepted.

There are other groups where you can add the rest of your reflection images, this group, is for your absolute best five.

Light And Reflection allows you to add a larger quantity and wider selection of images

Images must be of real reflections, not manipulations that create a reflection. It is fine to tweak and manipulate a reflection, as long as it is there to begin with. Flaming pear flood filter reflections will be rejected. Composites and images with objects added digitally will also be rejected.

Our Group homepage feature April 2010

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