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Welcome to the home of RedBubble Typophiles.

Introduce Yourself

skunk skunk 1955 posts

Welcome to the Typography Group.

Feel free to tell us a little about yourself

Matt Bannister Matt Bannister 169 posts

I’m not really interesting either…

I was really ecstatic to find this group though, I’d been thinking for a few weeks about making one, but being indecisive, I couldn’t think of a name. So glad someone made a group though. ;)

I can’t be bothered to type more now, so I might introduce myself again later.

Oh, and hi Tracy!

Natalie Perkins Natalie Perkins 1896 posts


I’m a graphic designer who quit her job in December and is now trying to do the freelance thing. So far it has proved to be wearying. I’m getting married in April (which, OMG isn’t that far away GARRR!) and I have a pet rat named Willis.


BYRON BYRON 12373 posts

Hi, I’m interesting? (or distinctly wierd, at least) Ha.

I love fonts, text design and word-art, which probably comes from my love of all things to do with printing and publishing which I guess I get from my Dad, who used to be the Production Manager for Reader’s Digest Australia. Printing and Publishing has always been in my life.

Check out my T-shirts. I have only just started mucking around with fonts recently so it may all seem a bit naive. – Care factor – zero. Fonts are, for me, a starting point for a design – the final result may not resemble the original font at all. Much like my photography.

Anyway, I am so glad there is a Typography Group now on RB.

Natalie Tyler Natalie Tyler 1493 posts

Hello all – I’m Nat. By no means a typography expert but I’ve been meaning to spend time learning more so this group is a pretty good motivation. I studied the basics at uni then promptly forgot most of it so this new found motivation probably stems from guilt.

By day I have one of your standard non-creative day jobs but I hope to change that one day in the future. By night I’m trying to spend as much time as possible making up for lost non-creative time – usually by spending an unhealthy amount of time on this website.

MelvinArt MelvinArt 2 posts

We are a couple of Graphic Artists in the UK. We have our own business which keeps us busy, although we have been a little distracted lately with a new addiction called red bubble…
Chris (me) is a packaging guru and Alex is more technical on the mac.
We’ve been in the business for twenty or so years now, so we’ve gone from rotring pens, letraset & paste board artwork to Quark Xpress, Illustrator etc.

I’m going through a funny phase at the moment with Hugh Laurie – love House.
I’m a difficult person and Alex puts up with alot, bless.
Alex loves footy. We have a daughter who loves talking!
We are currently thinking of packing up and emigrating, but it may just be a fad.


Faizan Qureshi Faizan Qureshi 5629 posts

I’m interesting! :-P

My favourite shows are Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Lost, Brothers & Sisters and Lost!

I am doing a graphics diploma at college and going to university to top it up with a BA Hons degree soon.

NOT addicted to reality shows :P

I like most other people, especially sarcastic, witty and bitchy ones!

Can’t get off RedBubble

Sadly, I based this on Tracy’s random little introduction LOL

AlienVisitor AlienVisitor 684 posts

Hi,I’m the most interesting person I’ve yet to meet,after the other few thousand that I’ve met.
I am retired and my last career brought my total to 100.
The shortest was 45min. – the longest is Hand Bookbinder 38 years,still going.

I have many hobbies,I won’t list them here,the list is endless.

I have being a 3D artist for about 28 years.Typefaces have always interested me,like playing around with the artistry and form they offer.

Redbubble is a great family,and I’m very glad I found it.

And it sure beats shoveling SNOW.

ozlat ozlat 82 posts

i eat
i sleep
i create
i enjoy
i laugh
i smoke
i walk
i surf
i listen
i dance
i live
i dream

M Slansky M Slansky 4 posts

Hi, I’m Lis.

I love words. End of story. With this love comes their outfits, ie: fonts, and shape and size… colors – the whole wardrobe and varieties. (It’s my eye candy.)

I’m a bit eccentric and opinionated.

I also love to write (could ya guess?) and, daily, I visually consume art and photography as my mental sustenance. In this light, I create it as well in order to “feed” me.

Stop by my page and I’ll be sure to check out yours – that’s the way I work.

glad to be here!


Irma Irma 10 posts

Irma here…
I’m a photographer at heart -but T shirts are calling me,. I want to create them I want the satisfaction of wearing clothes and seeing clothes worn that are MINE!

I came to this group to learn about Typography – I have an idea wishing to come to fruition – however the skills are not up to speed just yet….
One day.
One day…..

Matt Bannister Matt Bannister 169 posts

Hi Irma, welcome! :)

samedog samedog 34 posts

Hi all

Haven’t posted any typography works as yet but have a few ideas in the pipeline so hoping to get them posted soon. As much as anything I love looking at good type so enjoy seeing what’s on offer here and picking up a few hints about how I might make my work better.


Natalie Tyler Natalie Tyler 1493 posts

Hi Rory … looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Soxy Fleming Soxy Fleming 1672 posts

Hi everyone
I first came ovet to Typography with a Tee done for drawing day. I have done a lot of professional work in exhibition graphics and signage, but it was quite a while ago. I find fashion in type very amusing, but love a good typeface (whatever that might be). I also worked on logo design which often involved customising existing type or creating it from scratch. Sometimes I still see some of “my” signs and logos around which either means they have lasted well or it’s high time they were re-done!
I did things the old way with a drawing board, instruments and pens. My daughter has a graphics tablet but I haven’t given it a go yet. I’m just getting creative again after many years away from it all, I never know what I will come up with next. Just starting to fiddle a bit with typography again too…so who knows where that will go!

Matt Bannister Matt Bannister 169 posts

Hey Soxy, Great to have you here and to hear your story! Welcome!

Kelly Jacobi Kelly Jacobi 7 posts

Hello all!

At the moment my favorite typeface is Avenir.

I’m a design student, know a bit about typography, but not nearly enough. I hope to work with it more, and hope that this group helps me learn as I go. That being said: please don’t worry about mincing words if you feel there is something I need to improve or change about a piece I’ve done.

I’ve only recently started using redbubble, so I don’t have much work up yet and I’m still learning the ropes. The addiction is taking hold quickly though, and it should only be a couple of weeks or so until I’ve done some more bubbleworthy work.

daigle daigle 3 posts

Natalie Tyler Natalie Tyler 1493 posts

How cool is that intro!

Matt Bannister Matt Bannister 169 posts


jegustavsen jegustavsen 30 posts


is something I have always enjoyed
doing since-I think I learned how to
read & write.
It wasn’t until last year when I joined
that my oldest dtr told me
what it was called.

It is a favorite past time for me.

einlander einlander 2 posts


i’ve made some tee designs related to typography,,
and i fell i need a lot of advices to improve my typo skills,
please fell free to leave some comment for me,,

thank u so much

mikebrand mikebrand 1 post


I’m a student in Brisbane Australia, studying interaction design. I think I need to learn a lot more about type, but it’s a slow process :)

Firepower Firepower 22 posts

Hi I just joined this group. I have a few pieces that might qualify here I’ll let you be the judge as I go along.
Speaking of judging…would you mind voting for my piece for this challenge:
Here’s my entry:

Thanks and looking forward to adding more to this group/community.

GordonBDesigns GordonBDesigns 17 posts

Hello I’m Gordon :-) Just submitted a hand drawn graffiti alphabet, be sure to tell me what you think about it. I love all types of typography and different ways of using text which stemmed from my love for graffiti.