Twisted Tales

Group Rules:

Our aim with Twisted Tales is to run a writing group which seeks entertaining fictional tales with a twist whilst encouraging as much member interaction as possible. Constructive feedback is positively encouraged as long as it is polite. We’re here to help, develop and encourage all of us, no matter what level we are at in our writing careers.

In order to achieve this the following guidelines are set:

1. Stories MUST have a twist

2. Stories MUST be no longer than 1500 words (certain Twisted Tales competitions may ask for less than this – be sure to check the competition rules)

3. Do not post two or more stories after one another. Allow someone to post a story inbetween. This gives everyone a fair chance to be read and doesn’t flood the group.

4. When you post a story you should try and comment on the story before yours and the one that comes after. This is to encourage feedback amongst group members and ensures all stories submitted to the group get at least two comments.

5. Strictly no poetry, non-fiction or descriptive prose. We do not accept poetry, there are plenty of groups who do, and they would love to have your poems!
We want stories with movement, plots and twists!

6. Journals are only permitted for Host use or journals from members about writing opportunities and competitions elsewhere. We will also consider including relevant journal entries for issues that we support.

7. Please ensure the writing is representative of your BEST work. We don’t just want anything you’ve written.

8. The approval system is editorial which means work will be rejected if it does not meet any of these rules. This isn’t because any of us are on a power trip – which just want to make sure the group is fun and enjoyable for everyone.

9. Interaction and participation is an important part of this group, and as a member you should attempt to take part in competition votes, comment on works you read, write stories and generally offer support to your fellow members. Please think twice about joining if you have no intention of being an active member.

10. The most important rule of all is HAVE FUN, ENGAGE and INTERACT with your fellow members and writers. Remember a group is only as good as YOU make it.