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Twisted Tales

Come and get twisted!

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Twisted Tournoi

To promote Micky’s publishing concern, Gibboncore, Twisted Tales is running a competition, to run alongside the weekly Star Twister Competition, called Twisted Tournoi.

Twisted Tournoi will be a monthly(ish) competition for gritty short stories of between 500 and 1500 words.
The story must comply with the Twisted Tales group rules, beyond those rules you are free to write what you want: there is no prompt.

For current competition details check the forums.

Our fortnightly Star Twisters writing challenge is still going strong: each challenge asks for stories of 350 words (or less) based on some form of prompt. The winning entries go into a grand monthly final and we choose a winner.

We at Twisted Tales would like to create as meritocratic, encouraging, and supportive environment as possible for all budding writers. Twisted Tales is the place on Red Bubble for short stories of no more than 1500 words, with a definite twist in the tail. Any genre welcome, all we ask is the writing constitutes a story and surprises us with a twist.

  1. Remember a story must have a protagonist, a tension/conflict within it, a set up/context and a resolution (with a twist for the purpose of this group). We do not want extracts, excerpts, descriptive prose where nothing much happens or poetry masquerading as a story.
  1. Members must allow one story after theirs to be posted before posting another. For each story posted the writer must comment on the stories immediately before and after his/her (to encourage member participation). Constructive feedback is encouraged as long as it is polite. If you don’t like a piece of work please explain why and offer suggestions as to how it can be improved. Equally, don’t just “wow” and “awesome” everything – if you like something explain why. Good constructive feedback is the lifeblood of writing. Keep it honest. Keep it real. Keep it polite.
  1. No art or poetry allowed. Journals are only permitted for Host use or journals from members about writing opportunities and competitions elsewhere. We will consider journal entries which we feel are relevant, or about issues we support.

So get writing, participate, read, support and most of all get twisted! And remember this group is all about QUALITY rather than quantity. Only submit your very best stories to us, not everything you write.

If you need more help on understand a twist, here is some useful guidance on twist endings

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