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The Daily Double Selections For Tuesday 3/6/12 Are Now Posted!

dolphindancer dolphindancer 1031 posts

The first selection is: Rubios City – Greenhouse by Bunny Clarke

The second selection is: Candy Rose by adriangeronimo

Both of these image were selected for their eye catching composition. The one by Bunny depicting a city that appears to be from the future and the rose by adriangeronimo a macro that fills the frame with definite blue tones.

Exquisite images!

Please join me in congratulating our wonderful and creative artists! Dee

Bunny Clarke Bunny Clarke 2654 posts

Thank you very much for this honor. Congratulations adriangeronimo for their feature as well. :o)

mom23girls mom23girls 2148 posts

Wonderful images! Congratulations!!

vaggypar vaggypar 13451 posts

Nice Work ..!!

Stormey Stormey 583 posts

Fabulous. Congrats. – Sheila

adriangeronimo adriangeronimo 197 posts

oh my.. that composite by Bunny is just amazing! it’s like monsters and aliens would come out from those domes on the ground and from the ceiling.
and thanks for considering, and including my work for this. i’m very honoured to be featured for such a special event. thank you!