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Tee HQ

Group Rules:


This group is open to all T-Shirt designing Red Bubble members genuinely interested in getting involved with our t-shirt community. This is not purely a showcasing only group. We aim to focus our attention on community involvement.

♦ Clothing only permitted for submission to this group.

♦ Maximum of 20 tees per member. (Space out your submissions as much as possible).

♦ Our gallery will be regularly culled once it passes 200 pages.

♦ You may remove work to submit new or different designs whenever you wish.

♦ Journal entries only permitted that are relevant to the t-shirt community (those that are not will be deleted). No Featured or Thank You Journals please.

♦ Please Note – if you’re a member of this group then you give permission to have your tee designs picked as the avatar example for group challenges – thank you

Tee HQ hosts commit to:

♦ Greet all new members, giving starting points of where to begin in the group.

♦ Organising regular challenges for all the tee community to get involved in.

♦ Providing a place for works in progress or finished pieces to be critiqued for possible improvement & changes.

♦ Update the feature gallery on a regular basis.

♦ Feature a different Red Bubble tee designer and their work each week.

♦ Feature a different Red Bubble T-Shirt Group regularly, providing links and details of the group.

♦ Publish a regular newsletter for members.

♦ Keep the forums rockin as much possible… providing inspiration & information… all the while trying to inject a little fun.

Our guidelines also include those of Redbubble as a whole.