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Who Should We Watch?

Pip Gerard Pip Gerard 966 posts

Do you have anyone on your Watchlist who you think we should all have on our Watchlists for one reason or another?

Perhaps they are just an extremely talented t-shirt creator?

Perhaps they’re a selfless sharer & giver?

Perhaps they’re always on hand to give advice and comments?

Please post a link to the avatar of the person you think we should watch… along with a brief reason why you think so.

You could also post a thumbnails to their work that you love.

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Pip Gerard Pip Gerard 966 posts

I only recently came across this sensational artist and completely fell for her work!! Her line work, her style, her subjects… just brilliant. So very much floats my boat :D

brettisagirl From Chicago, USA.
My favourites of her portfolio are:

Diana-Lee Saville Diana-Lee Saville 740 posts

so many fantastically talented people on RB it’s hard to choose…