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Getting powered up for the Avengers movie!

VortexDesigns VortexDesigns 6 posts

Hello everyone!

I am new here and only have a few designs up, but I LOVE the community that exists here!

I have seen many versions of Iron Man’s original Arc Reactor from the first Iron Man film, but in Iron Man 2, he builds an entirely different reactor to cure his palladium poisoning. But there was no shot of Tony just lounging around with that second reactor under his shirt.

But now, with the Avengers movie coming out soon, glimpses of this second reactor can be glimpsed under his shirt! I based the design from a screen grab from the latest Avengers trailer, and decided on the halftone effect as a way of making it look somewhat faded (like it’s coming from under the shirt) as well as a way of making it available on different color shirts!

I really hope you all like it!

Check out the shirt here:
Linked Text

Thanks everyone!

~Steve Vortex

Demianite Demianite 2 posts

Whoa, haven’t seen Avengers yet, but dayum, you have good ideas.
Hi, btw :D

maekstar maekstar 18 posts

Wow, seriously ahead of the game with this one.

I admire how observant you are.

And the design is really cool, I think that could sell well come blockbuster season.

VortexDesigns VortexDesigns 6 posts

Thanks guys. I really hope you’re right maekstar!

VortexDesigns VortexDesigns 6 posts

Three sales so far! Wow thanks guys!