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Tee HQ

T-Shirt Headquarters.

Cover up Boobs, and Save em too!

Andrew Shulman Andrew Shulman 1 post

I love designing, especially if I know it’s aimed to be printed on a shirt. I spent the beter part of a year tryign to get something printed, and finally RIPT apparel put me up for one day on the 29th of october 2010, and i was sure as of that moment that i could be a great tee designer.

Enough of the back story her eis my latest piece for sale here on re bubble, and i wish above all else to help someone with my work, so each of these 2 color variants will eb for sale and i wil donate 1$ from each tee’s sale towards breast cancer research (or just cancer research)

So share these with friends and family and i do encourage you do this your self too, and i hope you do, in fact i dare you design a fun and nice tee and for each sale do the same make a donation.

if you are going to accept my challenge, please post your work here, let’s support each other!


Craig Stronner Craig Stronner 173 posts

Great idea mate, and great designs too. I’ll join you too. I will donate $1 for every 100% Aussie T-Shirt , but to the RSL (Returned And Services League of Australia)

Amy-Elyse Neer Amy-Elyse Neer 419 posts

that’s a great shirt for the cause!

if you do this though with the links in the listing

" Alternate color version is available here " :

Withtthe spaces removed before and after the quotes and then paste the link right after the : it will make a live link to the other color