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Guidelines for how to stock your tees on the shelves (Please read before submitting) (locked)

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This Tee HQ T-Shirt Forum Store is for showcasing your very best t-shirts. The Store is about Quality not Quantity.

The idea is to create a kind of cyberspace mall or shopping centre focused on nothing but t-shirts where members will enjoy browsing specific and particular subjects.

And the best part about it is.. you have control of what goes in the store.

I know it might sound all strict & stuff… but no Commenting or conversation please This is to be a storefront only… not a discussion forum.

Please post your best and most popular tees in this Superstore

One (1) t-shirt per member per subject/category (so it’s fair to all involved) Repeated images will be removed at the hosts discretion

NOTE – You’re welcome to edit and change your t-shirt submitted to another or newer t-shirt at any time.

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How to post an image into the Store

The subject matter of your t-shirt should be related to the name of the Store. For example, we do not want to see a vector skull t-shirt in a slogan store.

1. Post a copy of the image of the model wearing your t-shirt and link it directly back to the t-shirt in your portfolio.

How to Link Images

2. Also preferably include the Title of the work and Artist name.*

For Example

Bored?…. Board! by Nick Ford

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To keep the store organised… New Stores/categories are to be opened by group hosts. If you have an idea or request for a new store category/subject please contact one of your hosts and we’ll create it.