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Pip Gerard Pip Gerard 966 posts

Tee HQ’s latest Challenge winner is talented illustrator and host of ISoWDIaWD Damien Mason

Congratulations Damien… this popular little fella is now the face of Tee HQ till the New Year.

Ideas for future challenges are welcome here

Edengirl Edengirl 32 posts

Congratulations Damien…what a great little chap he is

dkleing dkleing 44 posts

Congratulations Damien, he is vry cute.

Karen Stackpole Karen Stackpole 165 posts

BRILLIANT, Congratulations and well designed

smook smook 4 posts

gz m8!

Sinclair Moore Sinclair Moore 3 posts


raneangel raneangel 31 posts

Love it. Congrats!

EligoDesign EligoDesign 34 posts

congratulations damien. i love it, it’s so cute :)

Damien Mason Damien Mason 2932 posts

Wow, thanks everybody.. I think he accurately represents how I feel right now :)

Cathie Tranent Cathie Tranent 1282 posts

Ha! Well done you!

technokitty technokitty 15 posts

lol he’s awesome. Congratulations!

matthewdunnart matthewdunnart 764 posts

Congratulations Damien!

Danielle Reck Danielle Reck 56 posts

Congratulations Damien, very cool!

Kristi Bryant Kristi Bryant 43 posts

Congrats Damien!

Kayleigh Walmsley Kayleigh Walmsley 51 posts

Congrats! Very funny!

peabody00 peabody00 1 post

Nicely done.

Arcticwolf Arcticwolf 3 posts

Congrats Damien

Hellz Hellz 6 posts