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Cathie Tranent Cathie Tranent 1282 posts

That got your attention didn’t it??

Now, let me explain.

As you all may or may not be aware, Redbubble very kindly produces a newsletter “Stitched” aimed fairly and squarely at the tshirt market on RB.

This is exposure that you just can’t buy – and all you have to do to get it is put in a little more than a design!

Do you have a tshirt that you wish you’d designed?
A tshirt from here that you’ve bought more than once ‘cause you wore it out??
A photograph of one of your shirts – or one you’ve bought “in the wild”?
Can you write a tutorial on a method that you use to design your tees??

Write me something – take a photo …. add a link to this thread and I’ll do my damndest to get you featured in Stitched!

PBWright PBWright 1301 posts

Okay, Cathie, here’s my story.

I just really started designing t-shirts and it’s fun!!! It really didn’t take too long to come up with the message on the t-shirt below.

I was working with this lovely scroll-work pattern I purchased from iStock and knew I had to have something that would offset all that beauty. I have a rather skewed sense of humor. So I used Google translator to translate the word “love” into several languages – French, Swedish, and Welsh – and placed it around the design rather nicely. Then put the word “love” in larger, pretty type. What to put next??? Why, of course! “and all that happy crap” was the most fitting I could find.

So, here is my precious, and precocious, t-shirt:

PBWright PBWright 1301 posts

But here is my most favorite design. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

Rock Is Dead

I had seen and heard the Rock Is Dead theme for the last 35 or 40 years. One day I was sitting around and saw something on TV with rock-paper-scissors and it all fit!

Rock Is Dead
And Paper Killed It
Scissors Hid In The Bushes
And Dialed 911.

mobii mobii 84 posts

Where is the stitched newsletter, or where do we sign up for it?

Hi Mobii!

Follow the Minister of Tees onetonshadow

They are journal entries he does!

Linda Hardt Linda Hardt 51 posts

Hi Cathie,

Thanks for letting us in on this little “secret!”

Here is one my most popular designs and one of my favorites featuring my pit bull Bowler.

blueskydesigns blueskydesigns 3 posts

Hi There!

I thought i’d share how I go through a design process of making an illustration, namely:

Don’t play with your food

So usually i’m day dreaming during the day and will likely do some doodles when instead i’m suppose to be working! And on the odd occasion I might be inspired to scan it in to the computer and actually give it some real life!

Here is my sketch that I created one day:

Jellie Sketch

Now this happen to a simple doodle that just inspired me to make it much more cute by giving him some colour and life of his own….so I took a picture of it and loaded it in to my computer (I could of scanned it, but then that required setting up the scanner – as you can see the image of the sketch is quite dark and abit blurry but OK otherwise!)

Next steps is I usually outline the thing in Illustrator, using the pen tool and some good ol’ patience I trace around the drawing until it is satisfactory…

Jellie Outline

I usually do it with a very bright colour such as this eye-splitting green so I can see the lines clearly.

Next i’ll add colour to the outlines, to give them more depth I like to play around with the gradient options and create shadow and light areas distinguishing the areas from each other.

Jellie Adding Colour

Keep adding colour and playing around with the lighting of each gradient to get the desired effect here, i’ve kept some of the outlines to give the image more of a lift, with the light tips and dark tendrils behind…

Jellie Colour Added

Once that is done I usually bring it into photoshop to add it to the t-shirt Redbubble template and add any extra glow bits or shadows and this it what it looks like on a transparent in photoshop. :)

Jellie Completed

I hope this helps anybody wanting to create some of there doodles to life! As its great fun to see the end result from a day dreaming doodle!


Blueskydesigns ;)

blueskydesigns blueskydesigns 3 posts

Hmmm i tried to add the image straight to the post ^above like the other guys but i dont know the format….i tried pasting the link straight in…but didnt work… Anybody how do u get it to post right in the post? :)

Michael Lee Michael Lee 481 posts

Hi blueskydesigns,
To add an image to redbubble just past in the image address (right click on the image to obtain this info) plus add an exclamation mark on either end. Like this ! image_address ! except you have to remove the spaces for it to work. If you’re trying to post an image of someone’s work it will often not work because the artist may have opted for RB to place a clear gif over the top of the artwork to help protect it from would-be thieves. If so the image address will look like this: http://www.redbubble.com/images/clear.gif

Michael Lee Michael Lee 481 posts

Here’s a great resource that I still refer back to from time to time: Redbubble Cheat Sheet

Cathie Tranent Cathie Tranent 1282 posts

Thanks guys – this is fantastic!

More please??

M McKeithen M McKeithen 6 posts

Hi Cathie, Thanks!

Well, I spent a few years designing t-shirts for silkscreen print shops in my area. I liked the jobs but the biggest frustration is that you’re job isn’t to make a great looking shirt design-wise, but to give the customer what they want. Mostly the customers all wanted the same thing. Their drawing or selected clip art and some words curved above or below. So I often wondered, what kind of shirts would I design if I had free reign?

Here is an example. A while back, I started doodling alot, and several of my doodles came out to look like completely made up bugs, some of them look a little like robotic bugs. Normally I would scan in a sketch and recreate it in photoshop, but recently I have been recreating it with vectors in another program which I am loving.
This is the first print that I have created entirely in a vector program. I had no sketch to start with, just an idea in my head. It was pretty fun and went together very quickly. I love working with black and white but I do enjoy tees with a more subtle look. (if you can call this color subtle) I really like images that look unified with a lot of attention to the positive and negative spaces accordingly. I guess this isn’t a tutorial as much as it is simply a story to go with the shirt. Still, it is my favorite that I have created so far and the funnest!

Michelle Scott Michelle Scott 17 posts

I have been doing designs for Tees for a while now unfortunatly I havn’t sold any as of yet but I have hope and I am proud of my designs the most recent design I have done is themed with my Butterflies and Bullets lyrics and graffiti wall art .

Both the graffiti wall art and T design were inspired by the lyrics I wrote

This is my Butterflies and Bullets T-Designs

You can also view the artwork and lyrics on the T design page just click the image :)

Marie Van Schie Marie Van Schie 284 posts

I have also just started designing t-shirts, the following is an enhanced vector graphic design titled Walk in the Partk…

Kayleigh Walmsley Kayleigh Walmsley 50 posts

My inspiration behind this was to create a fun series that would be good to look at and make people smile. This is acrylic on canvass board.
Thank you, Kayleigh

Matthew Walmsley-Sims Matthew Walmsl... 25 posts

I started out just making vector Tees and then some slogan ones. The more I sit in front of the computer the more I find myself looking for ways to create fun designs. Kaleidoscope images are a great way to muck with an image and create something totally amazing!
Thank You for looking.

alterdstate777 alterdstate777 4 posts

I feel in my collection of “T’s” this has to be the best of my designs I enjoy doing the occasional T design for my Redbubble account and contributing them to Tee HQ it gives me a warm glow to do designs even though I am not a proffesional anyway enjoy my works..this is my profile link too http://www.redbubble.com/people/alterdstate777 just copy and paste

kozality kozality 11 posts

I don’t know if this is still valid or not, but here I go anyway…
The most important part of the process (and most time consuming) is the creation and re-tooling of an idea. The above image is one that I changed several times, and it has the most hits/sales for me. Up until last year I didn’t know what vector design was, and now I can’t imagine my life without this process. This was a scan of a sketch that was then retraced in vector and coloured.

Gail Bridger Gail Bridger 225 posts

I have a lot of eagle pictures and rose pics, thought they would also make great t-shirts. Just started making them in the last year.

Amy-Elyse Neer Amy-Elyse Neer 418 posts

Well in my spare time when I am not working on more art, I like to play video games, some friends of mine and me have a saying to express a concept that happens in a lot of game mechanics, in that right before you get to the big boss, the games are often designed with a room full of power ups and new weapons and buffing things and extras live tokens, among my friends we call it the “Mushrooms Before the Boss” (after super mario bros. titles where this is employed most often)

I wanted to get that concept across, but was aware that the story leading up to it did not contain the common ground neccesary to make it relevant to every one. In other words it was an inside joke that needed a more common adage to make it meaningful to more people.

so I came up with this

I built the Lemon from scratch in Photoshop.

The Text says
“When Life Hands you lemons, it is because there is a horrifying monster in the next chamber with 400,000,000 hp, whose only weakness is lemons”

saima kalsoom saima kalsoom 6 posts

hi cathie,
thanks for sharing your veiws,it would help alot of the new comers
sincerely saima

18-prozent 18-prozent 2 posts

well i decided that facebook is a waste of time and directly did this shirt

Tim Browne Tim Browne 2 posts

I’ve only very recently started designing t-shirts and am still very new. I appreciate that using Che Guevara is quite a cliche however I deliberately wanted to use something that was a mash up of 2 iconics and was a little tounge in cheek. Che and John Lennon both wanted to change the world but by two very different means, Che with force, Lennon with the message of peace and love. I created this mashup which I think is a nice twist on what has been done before hence the title ‘Imagine Che’.

Sarah Trett Sarah Trett 70 posts

Just sold my first t-shirt on Redbubble. I work with my son on some of the designs. He often choose colours and themes. This is one he loved, and insisted should in orange….


Well I’m delighted to how such a young helper! most of the time :)

Dorin1540 Dorin1540 1 post

This is my first t-shirt on Redbubble,i hope you guys like it !

Check it out here !