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A Favourite childhood Memory (new designs only please)

This challenge closed over 5 years ago.

The Challenge

We want new tees so you’ll push yourself to learn more techniques/styles etc.

It’s definitely true that the more tee’s you do… the better you get!

So make a t-shirt of one of your favourite childhood memories.

Could be your favourite toy… your favourite bike/skateboard… your favourite food… what you collected… your favourite comic book… your favourite street game… your favourite school subject… your first girlfriend/boyfriend… your favourite story about something that happened as a kid.. your favourite photo of yourself… anything… so long as it’s personal to YOU from your childhood.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Do you feel there’s a tee here that really hits you on a personal level.. do you really get a feel for the designer’s childhood memory through it?

Then vote for the one you like best that covers the criteria for entry.

Rewards & Prizes

Voucher to spend here at Bubble

Additional Information

Got a whole 5 weeks to get an entry in… so no excuses :)

Cover Image: ...back when i was a professional racecar driver. by vandal


The Top Ten

Let's draw! by funfang

Let's draw! by funfang was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 12 votes.

  • Voltrouble by kohka
  • Chocolate Fish  by Carla Martell
  • The Brat by Beub
  • The summer I spent as a sunflower by Belin
  • Kids Craft Car Tee by perkie173
  • Oh Nose! by Angel Szafranko
  • Teddy by Edith Arnold
  • Breathe 495 by Anders Lidholm
  • Santa ~ That Jolly Old Elf by SummerJade

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