New Women’s Chiffon Tops. They’re just so chiffon-y.

Trompe L'oeil

The art of using extreme realism to trick the viewer into believing that what they are viewing is actually 3D

Recent Work

  • n o o n m o o n by ARTDUST
  • a n d o t w a  by ARTDUST
  • i n f r a m i n c e by ARTDUST
  • j a k a r t a d e by ARTDUST
  • pitchure perfect by chookshedflambe
  • short circus by monnom
  • court circuit by monnom
  • Window wall. by Paul Pasco
  • f o r e h e a d by D A D A N C E
  • The Architect by ARTDUST
  • backward efficiency by chookshedflambe
  • Seasoning by rougeblancbleU by ROUGE BLANC  BLEU

About This Group

Trompe L’oeil has been around for centuries and involves the art of using extreme realism to fool the viewer into believing that something is 3D when in fact it isn’t. This group accepts both Trompe L’oeil artwork and photos of Trompe L’oeil, for example murals etc.

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