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Designs created to make you laugh, cry and want to buy them!

Recent Work

  • Booze Goofy by Grotesquer
  • Shadow of the Ninja Tribute by Grotesquer
  • Werewolf Tribute by Grotesquer
  • Red Scorpion by Extreme-Fantasy
  • Dr. Caligari by Grotesquer
  • ZOMBIE YOJIMBO!! by PureOfArt
  • Nurse Joy Touched My Pokéballs by RetroReview
  • Brother From Another Mother by RetroReview
  • Cock Blocker Lemming by RetroReview
  • Simon's Quest Tribute by Grotesquer
  • Come 'ere  by RetroReview
  • Cry-Baby *RE-EDITED! by Amanda Balboa

About This Group

Decided to create this group after realizing there was no real unique place to share the best work people had to offer. By making this open to a various amount of designs it allows the group to have a lot of variety and keep it full of fun designs!

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