Best of British - Photography Only - Town, County & UK required

*Exact location in the title or a description is required - i.e.nearest VILLAGE/TOWN AND COUNTY AND UK*

Recent Work

  • Are they looking at us? by Tony Blakie
  • Earl Grey Tower by Lee  Gill
  • Quintessentially English   by Lynzi
  • Leach River, Southrop, Wiltshire by lezvee
  • Banks of Loch Lomond by wallarooimages
  • A Proud Team by rodsfotos
  • A perfect plaice to eat by missmoneypenny
  • St John the Baptist Church, Inglesham. by lezvee
  • Mother And Child, Inglesham by lezvee
  • Guildford High Street by Sue Martin
  • Spring Colours by vivsworld
  • Village Pond by Sue Martin

About This Group

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This Group is for artists who wish to showcase their best images taken throughout England, Ireland, Scotland, & Wales. including The Shetlands / The Outer Hebrides / The Orkneys / & The Channel Islands..
SO PLEASE HAVE A DESCRIPTION INCLUDED FOR IT’S LOCATION – that is the nearest town or village, County and either the specific Country or UK…….
-————————-( otherwise it will be rejected. )
All images of landscapes, seascapes, architecture, places of Interest, manufacture to be British and and have a location and details of the capture in the description box to advise viewers where exactly in the British Isles the image was taken and, if not a scene, the provenance of the main focus of the capture
Click HERE or on the map below for a definition of the British Isles.
( many thanks to Wikipedia )

Please read the rules as there may be changes made…


Find me a Window – April 2017

*Ludwig Wagner


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