Classic Collage(Handmade Artworks ONLY)

Collaging using traditonal materials and mediums. Fine art of collaging, from cubism to photomontage.

Recent Work

  • Venice map with self portrait on yellow napkin by donnamalone
  • Queens For A Day:-) by RobynLee
  • Being a Girl by twopoots
  • Year of The Ram : 10 Feb 2015  by mmargot
  • Antigone : or Civil Disobedience by mmargot
  • Agent 99 by Glenyss Ryan
  • Star Walk by zaharia
  • Commission Florist (No. 1) by Kanchan Mahon
  • Who Looks Outside, Dreams by Kanchan Mahon
  • mr logic by Loui  Jover
  • Thomas Eddison. by - nawroski -
  • Catherine by Kanchan Mahon

About This Group

This group is for the traditonal fine artists. We hope to incorporate the fine art of collaging works into your art. This group will only except work that has a description of the work such as what paper,or background,materials,etc used.This group will promote collaging as an art form. No Digital Collaging(except for cleaning up work or coloring) will be accepted and no scrap-booking will be accepted. The group must work with traditional materials. Photographs are excepted within the collage but must not be purely photography. Printmaking is accepted but also must have collage incorporated into the piece.

This group is for Fine artists who want to work in mixed media and want to share their techniques

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