Traditional Drawing - Black and White Only

Using only Pencil, Black Ink, Graphite Pencils and Charcoal

Recent Work

  • Formosan Black Bear by felissimha
  • Bold by BarbBarcikKeith
  • The Seer by MisterWillow
  • Inkpen Wolf by Marti Makes Things
  • Inkpen Owl by Marti Makes Things
  • Man and his dog by Marlene Piccolin
  • Collapse  by Andrew  Hitchen
  • Skeleton Hands by CJOrazi
  • The Journey by Omegas
  • Lindwurm by Omegas
  • Dürer Hase (Metal version) by Omegas
  • Dia De Los Muertos by CJOrazi

About This Group

Accepting Two Images Per Day From Each Member
Nice Clean images, with all the smudges cleaned up.
No Colored Paper!

Many people enjoy the beauty of a drawn picture, the detail often lacking in paintings, digital art and other artistic style. We want to showcase the beauty, style and detail that goes into a well drawn picture, with no color to hide the true image’s artistic value.

The form of drawing style can be portraits, landscapes, comics, cartoon, fantasy, animals, still lifes. What ever you can draw in the mediums our group allow (pencil, graphite pencil, black ink and charcoal.)

Challenge Winner of “The Ocean”

Challenge Winner of “Equines of All Kinds”


Challenge Winner of “Human Portraits (No Celebs)”


Challenge Winner of “The Glory of Nature” (voucher challenge)


Challenge Winners of “The Eyes Have It”

Challenge Winner of “Hair (Not Fur)”


Challenge Winner of “Your Best Image”


Copyright Laws That Must be Followed
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