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Developing Film

Boddah Boddah 2 posts

I’m new to lomography and I was wondering if you could tell me how to go about getting 120 film developed.
All comments are appreciated.
Thank you so much.

thomasroessler thomasroessler 31 posts

Hi Boddah,
do you speak of Black and white? You can do it yourself, easily. Don’t need a darkroom, only for loading the film into
a developping container. It is made by JOBO, not very expensive. Surely to be found on ebay. There are containers for
different film sizes: 135, 120, 4×5, etc. Even for more than one film.
Hope this info helps.

Front Quarter Window Front Quarter ... 58 posts


Professional photo labs will do it so google for some in your area (they are getting rarer though) Also I have found out my local run of the mill regular photo lab does it. So it is worth asking at any place.

With black and white. I am tempted to go back to processing my own, you can do it all without a darkroom, using a changebag and developing tank. Is tempting as it works out cheaper :-)

Man kit Wong Man kit Wong 1 post


As been said before the local photo lab should do it, if they can’t in-house, they will send it off to a lab that will. Normally. (based in UK)


Boddah Boddah 2 posts

Thank you all for these answers, they have been really helpful.