Cow Parade and friends - Features are ready! (280214)

Formally "Touring art" for Cows on Parade and other local or international exhibitions.

Recent Work

  • Cuenca Kids 408 by Al Bourassa
  • Cuenca Kids 407 by Al Bourassa
  • Leaders of the RB Revolution. by Larry Lingard-Davis
  • Down and Down I Go ---   In A Spin. by Larry Lingard-Davis
  • "Uncle Jed"  ~~ The Stitt Family by Larry Lingard-Davis
  • "Uncle Jed" ~~ ( Laura Stitt ) by Larry Lingard-Davis
  • Cuenca Kids 404 by Al Bourassa
  • Military Tank @ Sculptures By The Sea by muz2142
  • Dome Sculpture @ Sculptures By The Sea 2012 by muz2142
  • Rusty Man, Sculptures By The Sea, Australia 2010 by muz2142
  • Opera House, Vivid Festival, Sydney, Australia 2010 by muz2142
  • Ellie by mon epris (2) by Larry Lingard-Davis

About This Group

Cow Parade and friends (TOURING exhibitions, LIVING statues, TEMPORARY sculptures, sand art etc.)

Remember for a while, you could not move in some cities around the globe without bumping into cows? Not the real ones but rather huge lifesize ones coloured in all sorts of amazing well… colours…. and patterns and themes and disguises.

Since then you have seen them here and there, I am sure… on top of that place in Borough Market, near the checkout of a supermarket in Prague (True story! I saw it but was not able to photograph it, I was gutted that I would not be able to share it with Touring Art!) or wherever else you may roam….

You might even have seen Elephants. Rhinos, Lions, Lambananas (yes crosses between, erm, lambs and bananas) or…. well…. anything like that, many people jumped on the bandwagon…

This is the place for those… or other local exhibitions. Just on the South Bank in London there was the Udderbelly. The beach huts exhibition….

In many places in many ways there are local exhibitions….

They do not have to tour, but they should PREFERABLY be temporary exhibitions… maybe seasonal like the lights, like carnivals (street parades not funfairs)

Also as hard as it is to draw the line please make sure you are not prohibited to take photos of your subject. For example, a photo of a photo or painting, close up is probably not cool. A photo of a sculpture or a set of works as a whole is probably ok. If in doubt ask the organisers!

I know that in different countries/cities there are various light shows… ones that change, not just show the same lighting all the time. I can think of Vivid Sydney off the top of my head… if you know more and post them please tell us the story! If it is not clear that it is not a permanent fixed exhibit then I might Bubblemail you for a little more information :-D

This is NOT all about the cows but they are the stars of the show!

Have fun and share your story.

Share the events happening where you live.

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