Tools Group

Group Rules:

One image per 24 hours please

Please note : We will NOT be accepting.

Any images in product form. We want just your image so we can see what the image is about. They are wonderful to create and stunning designs but there are other groups they would better suit.

*Vehicles, earth-moving machinery or transport,boats,planes, Cranes these we feel are better suited to other groups.

No digital art images – images combined to create another image we just want the tool set as a rule from 13.10.14

We will accept

We are looking for spanners, saws, hand whisks, graters, hammers, planes, staplers, brushes, cups, keys, pencil, pens – for example!

Photographers – it is lovely if you add details of the camera, but not essential.

Painters and drawers – do give details of medium where possible!

Vector artists – we love to know what programme you have used to create your tools work!

Some slight processing accepted on works but not too heavy.

Please Note!!
Images must be entered into the group *before they must go into challenges or at least in the moderation pile, before the challenges go to voting. *Images can be removed anytime from the challenges if host feel that the image does not fit the group’s criteria or it’s not in the group, this even means in voting.