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Timelapse/Long Exposure Photography

Long Exposure images, captured with or without filters (MUST include exposure time in description)

Recent Work

  • Hong Kong Sunset 2015 by Delfino
  • Coastal Glow by Heather Linfoot
  • Morning Glory_Cradle Mountain by Sharon Kavanagh
  • Cornwallis Wharf , Waitakere  by earlcooknz
  • Silver falls by Elena Skvortsova
  • Final sunrise for Fagus 2015_Cradle Mountain by Sharon Kavanagh
  • Greenhouse @ Yale University by Tom Piorkowski
  • It's Autumn! by Elena Skvortsova
  • Paratahi Island by Moonlight by earlcooknz
  • Encounter Bay by Darryl Leach
  • Castle Rock Beach by Jan Fijolek
  • Untouched Image. by Warren  Patten

About This Group

Long Exposure Photography is the taking of images with a long shutter speed to blur or obscure moving elements while sharply capturing the stationary elements. Some good subjects for this are water, clouds, traffic, night and light painting.

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