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Timelapse/Long Exposure Photography

MUST include exposure time in description

Recent Work

  • Eas a' Bhradain by Roddy Atkinson
  • Northern lights over Bleik island by Frank Olsen
  • Crystal Mill by Candy Gemmill
  • Autumn arrives at Grasmere, English Lake District by Martin Lawrence
  • Morning Warning by jakeof
  • The Magic Cottage by Roddy Atkinson
  • Sacrament of the Wilderness by Delfino
  • Being There by jakeof
  • The river I by Frank Olsen
  • The Watchers by Roddy Atkinson
  • Kaboom by Delfino
  • So Many Rivers To Cross by jakeof

About This Group

Long Exposure Photography is the taking of images with a long shutter speed to blur or obscure moving elements while sharply capturing the stationary elements. Some good subjects for this are water, clouds, traffic, night and light painting.

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