Time Worn (No People)

This is a group for photographs of images that have been worn or weathered by time.

Recent Work

  • Mail's Here by Kathleen Brant
  • Old Locked Door by Kathleen Brant
  • England - Yorkshire Dales by mcstory
  • A Tad Uncomfortable by lezvee
  • Clapper Bridge by lezvee
  • Number 6 by Paul Lubaczewski
  • Cookies Caboose by vigor
  • Fallen Giant (2) by lezvee
  • Terraces of Pumatallis by phil decocco
  • My Sweet Fannie by Paul Lubaczewski
  • Now See What Happens When You Don't Listen  by Paul Lubaczewski
  • The Smithies shed by Len  Gunther

About This Group

This is a group for all photographers who love to photograph rusty, worn, weathered, dilapidated, falling down, peeling, and abandoned subjects. We will accept images of, but not limited to: door knobs, doors, windows, barns and houses (these can be abandoned), interior/exterior images, vehicles, and closeups. Please only submit those images that encompass the TIME WORN theme – this group is to showcase your photography, not your editing skills. We want to see REAL worn and weathered objects (not people or animals or plants). Some processing is allowed but not to any extreme. Please keep in mind, just because its old doesn’t mean its worn or weathered. The image MUST show signs of wear.
Also, please do not submit the same image edited in different ways. We want to see new images each time you submit work. :)
As long as it is not the focus of the image, graffiti will be allowed, unless it is obscene.
Keep submissions to 2/24hrs.
No i-phones or t-shirts allowed.

The July Challenge’s winning image Don’t fence me in by Matt Mawson.

Banners designed and created by Richard Gerhard

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