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TTV: Through The Viewfinder

A group for lovers of the unique qualities and technique of TTV Photography

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Comment TTV Tutorial
1 topic 3 posts

I found this great tutorial to help you set up you camera and get started.


almost 7 years ago by Elizabeth S
1 topic 3 posts

I thought it would be a good idea to post our TTV Calendars here for all to see.

about 7 years ago by Amanda Lowjen
Comment Welcome to the TTV forum
16 topics 38 posts
over 6 years ago by Andrew Bradsworth
Comment What old camera do you use?
1 topic 9 posts

What are you using at the moment?

Is there a camera that you covet?

Let us know.

about 7 years ago by fall2earth
Comment How did you get started?
2 topics 12 posts

How did you “discover” TTV?

Share your first experiences with the style.

about 7 years ago by fall2earth
Comment Resurrect Your Vintage Camera, Digital Style
0 topics 0 posts

Hi Everyone

I subscribe to Photojojo and they recently had a great article in their newsletter on TTV photography.

You can read it here.

Comment Group News
8 topics 13 posts
about 7 years ago by Kitsmumma
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