Those Ubiquitous Traffic Cones

They're everywhere, They're everywhere

Recent Work

  • Caution - Orchid Crossing by Michael May
  • Glowing In The Garden by Michael May
  • Dry Bridge Works by lezvee
  • Road Works Approach by lezvee
  • This Tardis Crap by Michael May
  • In The Barn by Bob Wall
  • Caution - Break-ins Not Advised by Michael May
  • Hanging Shoes, Not Quite Right by Michael May
  • Caution - It's Downhill From Here by Michael May
  • Caution - Security Notice - Sound Horn by Michael May
  • Three And A Half Feet by Michael May
  • 'Come in the Waters Great!' by relayer51

About This Group

You see them everywhere, orange ones, red ones, yellow, green and whte ones; little ones, big ones; blocking off traffic, directing pedestrians, indicating hazards, sitting on top of a fire hydrant (no, I didn’t stage that). But, where else can you find them? Again, they’re everywhere, especially where you least expect them. These are the ones we really want to see. Whip out those cameras, or paints, pencils, papers and canvas and join in. You writers out there, give us an ode to traffic cones. T-shirt designers, bring ’em on.

It would also be nice if you would let us know the circumstances. Where are they? Why are they there? What is the meaning of life? Okay, you can skip that last one. It might be a little too heavy for this forum. Unless traffic cones ARE the meaning of life. In that case, bring it on. The funnier, the better.

Send us your beautiful, average, downtrodden, beaten up traffic cones. They have to be in the picture, but not necessarily the main subject (although that’s best).

That is the main rule for this group. We are going to keep moderation to a minimum. We are not going to moderate or rule you to death. However, If we see images that do not have those ubiquitous traffic cones, they will be shot down in flames (rejected) with no further explanation.

There will be occasional challenges, and features will probably be posted every couple of weeks, depending on our schedules (and the number of works received).

Even if you don’t have any images, odes or t-shirts to contribute to the group, check out our art. Leave comments. Cheer us up. If you need cheering up yourself, maybe we can help. Hopefully we can at least make you giggle a bit. If you laugh out loud, even better. But let us know. Don’t take life too seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway, so enjoy it. Besides, if laughter really is the best medicine, we just might prolong your life. Hey, ya never know.

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