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Those Colorful Paints (APHA) and Pintos

All Painted Horses (Non-App)


  • SPANISH MAGIC COB by louisegreen
  • TETONS PONY & THE BIG DIPPER APPY by louisegreen
  • MEDICINE FIRE PONY by louisegreen
  • Gypsy Cob Red Rocky  by 42beats
  • Tired and weary by missmoneypenny
  • Beach beauty by missmoneypenny
  • Magnificent Stallion by LoneAngel
  • You wanted something? by missmoneypenny
  • Mirrored by Nadya Johnson
  • Pretty Paint by Nadya Johnson
  • Horse on a Lovely Summer's Day by Nadya Johnson
  • The Nose Knows... It's Fall! by Nadya Johnson
  • Portrait on a Windy Summer's Day by Nadya Johnson
  • Colour Dance Cob by louisegreen
  • Gabe & Dirty Image by ibgraffix
  • CARNIVALE II by louisegreen
  • Paint colt by 42beats
  • Pretty Baby-Paint Foal Portrait by Margaret Stockdale