Those Colorful Paints (APHA) and Pintos

All Painted Horses (Non-App)

  • Tilt Shift Paint by missmoneypenny
  • Reflections. by Pauline Sharp
  • Good Medicine by Tracey Westbury
  • Nothing A Little Paint Won't Cure by Susan Bergstrom
  • The Little Horse Whisperer by Laura Palazzolo
  • Buckskin Paint Stallion by LoneAngel
  • Pudgy Pony by Kathy Cline
  • Moonlight by Shanina Conway
  • Freedom by LoneAngel
  • Just Kicking Up My Heels! by Sue Ratcliffe
  • Choctaw Family by Sue Ratcliffe
  • Hello Pretty by Emily Peak
  • A Magical Realm by LoneAngel
  • Gypsy Love II by louisegreen
  • Freedom by Laura Palazzolo
  • Apache .. The Stallion by LoneAngel
  • Plays With Paints by Lotacats
  • Gypsy Flyer by Linda Woods