Those Colorful Paints (APHA) and Pintos

All Painted Horses (Non-App)

Recent Work

  • Heat huff by missmoneypenny
  • Cyan Blue Dripping Wet Paint Horse by csforest
  • Pumpkin Orange Wet Paint Horse by csforest
  • The Painted Mare by AspenWillow
  • Colorful Rainbow Wet Paint Horse by csforest
  • Wild Stallions  by Margaret Stockdale
  • The Boss by Stephanie Greaves
  • Buckskin Pinto Native American War Horse by csforest
  • Three Horses by WildestArt
  • Spring Foal by WildestArt
  • Cariboo Horse Herd by NaturePrints
  • Barrel Racer by Magnum1975

About This Group

For registered (and non registered) APHA horses (regular registry) and Pinto horses. All other breeds with paint markings.
If you’re not sure what the horse is,submit it and we will help you! :)
Please only upload your own artwork.
Submit only your best images.
Do not submit repeat images, please choose the best one of your series and add only that image to the group.
No glowing, red-eye, or alien eyes, please use software to edit before adding to this group.
This group is designed to showcase the Paint and Pinto horses and their best attributes, so please use judgement and upload only images that are suitable to be framed or sold as a greeting cards, that being said Thanks for looking and or joining and have fun!

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Winner of the Performance Paints & Pintos challenge is Alan Mattison with his image Hold on Tight

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