This, That, and the Other Thing (2 per day and Photography Only)

A collection of various subjects that have caught the photographers eye. Whatever it is that interests and excites you as a photographer, and makes you not want to put the camera away!

A Bunch of Something

This challenge closed over 1 year ago.

The Challenge

For this challenge I want to see lots and lots of something. Your choice as to what you enter but it has to be a LOT….15 or more!!
Let’s have some fun with this one!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for as many as you like… long as it fits the category of a LOT! A Bunch! Many!

Rewards & Prizes

A banner!
Fun finding a bunch of something!
Hopefully lots of compliments from fellow photographers!

Additional Information

Regular RB and group rules aply. Please do not enter anything that has already won a challenge in this group.

Cover Image: A Bunch of Bees by MaryinMaine


The Top Ten

When it Rains by Yannik Hay

When it Rains by Yannik Hay was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 17 votes.

  • Only Us Sheep Here by Saraswati-she
  • Shirts by IngridSonja
  • Surrounded by fur by Owed to Nature
  • Bunch of beauties by Javimage
  • Go ahead.....Count them!  :) by Laurie Minor
  • Compound Eye II by David Lamb
  • Sea Of Sunshine by sundawg7
  • Take a seat! by Adam Northam
  • spiky bunch by lensbaby

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